Heirs to Nothing

by Coup Sauvage & the Snips

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released February 10, 2017

Vocals - Kristina Sauvage, Crystal Sauvage, Rain Sauvage
Bass - Elizabeth Sauvage
Synths / Keys / Guitar - Jason Sauvage aka Hit Factory
Beats - Maegan Sauvage

Recorded by Jason Sauvage at the Haus of Sauvage in Brentwood, MD
Mixed & Mastered by Calin Enache at District Sound Labs in Bethesda, MD

All songs written by Coup Sauvage & the Snips.
Published by Haus of Sauvage, BMI.

Artwork by Harmand Ponder



all rights reserved


Coup Sauvage & the Snips Washington, D.C.

Coup Sauvage & the Snips aren't trying to make you dance (honestly they didn't even see you there), but you won't be able to help it. Inspired by 60’s Motown, 70’s European variety shows, 80’s Solid Gold dancers, and 90’s warehouse parties, CS & TS recall an era when artists gave you a true performance. A soundtrack for the children to watch the first-world burn. Ready? Doesn't matter. ... more

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Track Name: Hamburg
We sit at tables two by two
Candlelight flickers as we start to move
Ever so slightly
And politely
To a red light groove

We come here for our nightly escape
Unfazed by turbans, harem pants and capes
Nobody’s staring at what he’s wearing
A fuss we do not make

Just another night, another night in Hamburg
Way back in ‘79
Just another night, another night in Hamburg
And we’re feeling fine

Tonight we hit these foggy city streets
Where all the straightlaced and the seedy meet
Dark bars with ladies und gummi babies
Of this we do not speak

Clap your hands, clap your hands as we go along
Clap your hands, clap your hands down the Reeper bahn
Clap your hands, clap your hand let’s all head to Alphonse
Time is short, time is short, but the night is long

We don’t need London, Paris or Berlin
We’ve got our own little port of sin
There is no last call, there’s no East-West Wall
Here on the Big Freedom

…And we've lost our minds
Track Name: Party Rap
Come into our haus
It’s a Coup Sauvage party
Make you scream and shout
So move that body-odddy

Come into our haus
It’s a Coup Sauvage party
Gonna wear you out
So move that body-odddy

It’s the C to the O to the U to the P
C’mon y’all let’s rock this beat
Coup Sauvage in the place to be
We wanna see everybody on their feet
So don’t be shy, don’t act too cool
C’mon party people wanna see you move
Lift up your head, uncross your arms
Get your back up off of the wall
We’re Coup Sauvage and we’re one of a kind
Guaranteed to rock your body and blow your mind

We’re Coup Sauvage, we want you know
You better watch out for the savage blow
We look so fly we give you vertigo
Make the children move like first lady O
And we don’t mean to brag, we don’t mean to be bold
But put that indie rock privilege shit on hold
You can have your scenes and your labels
Don't need your cred ‘cause we got our own
Cuz we’re devastating and implicatin’
When we onstage hips and booties stay shakin’
We’re radical and fanatical
Gonna work you so hard you that gotta take sabbatical
(ooh, take break...just have a seat, catch your breath)

So hot, so cool, Sauvage

Let me introduce you to my crew
We like to party all night and get real loose
I got my girls the Snips here with me
They’re oh so dope and so sexy
Next up we call him Hit Factory
He’s the man with the plan on the funky keys
Can’t forget about Maegan Sauvage
All the ladies love her cuz she’s living large
And to my left it’s Elizabeth and she’s laying down the bass
And I go by the name of Kristina Sauvage
We’re gonna rock everybody in this place

We’re Coup Sauvage and you know we rock
Guaranteed to move body and soul nonstop
We’ve got the style
We’ve got the flow
Jammin’ on the one like our name was Theo
Let’s go to work
Let’s turn it out
C’mon everybody just scream & shout

Say Coup Sauvage

When I say Coup you say Sauvage

When I say SNIPS you say SNIPS

When I say stop...you stop
Track Name: Whim Whams
You’re giving me the whim whams
You’re freaking me out
There’s just something about you, boy
That’s giving me doubts

Can’t put my finger on it
But you’re really suspect
Make the hair on my arm stand up
Make me shiver and sweat

Make me itch I gotta twitch
Dem whim whams
Get out my face 'fore I grab my mace
Dem whim whams

You’re giving me the whim whams
Let’s skip straight to goodbye
Can tell you're up to something girl
See it in your eyes

Something in the milk ain’t clean
Giving me the heebie jeebies

Ooh something in the milk ain't clean
I don't know what you're up to
But I know that you're up to no good
If you see something, say something children
And I see someone who's very, very fishy
You're just making me nervous, a real nervous pervous
I just can't trust you
Track Name: Freak of the Week
Freak of the week
Go ‘head and beat your feet
Right on down the street
There’s another boy to take your place
So get up out my face (get up out our face)

Whenever me and my girls go anywhere
The boys like to stop, they all like to stare
It’s like they can’t get enough of us
Boy you can look but you cannot touch

Just take a number baby and get in line
So many boys, but so little time
They always want to sweat me
But they can’t get me
(we like to freak but we're not that easy)

We like ‘em big, we like ‘em short, we like ‘em really tall
We like ‘em rough, we like ‘em tough, we really like ‘em all
But you gotta know if you wanna get with me
I need real man not just a freak

We like 'em Black, we like 'em white we like 'em Benetton
We like 'em dressed, we like 'em best when they've got nothing on
But ya gotta know if you wanna get with me
I need a real man not just a freak

The boy is just a freak, he's a freak of the week
Ooh he's such a freak

Don’t try to stop and holler, we won’t pay you any mind
Takes more than game to get by my side
You may think that you’re a charmer
You may think that you’re slick
But think again, ‘cause you’re not my only pick
Track Name: Disco Friends
Don’t need no disco friends
Will you be there til the bitter end?
Not just when the music stops
But even when the other shoe drops?

Cuz I need someone to call on
At the end of the night when the lights come on
Can I call you sometime
When I’m down on my luck and to my last dime?

Oh these disco friends
Act like they're so down
When you need a real friend they're never around
Oh these disco friends
Yeah you know the kind
Always act like you’re so cool and you’re so tight
But when the party’s over, when the night is through
Will they be by your side, will they be there for you?

Seems like the only time you’re around
Is when it’s late at night and the music’s loud
Can’t even stop to say hello
Like we weren’t hip to hip just hours ago
Cuz I need someone to be there
When we’re off the floor out of the strobe light’s glare
Can I call you sometime
When the party’s over will you be my side?

Why you always got something to say to me
When you see me out on the scene?
Won’t turn my way when you see me on the street
But always talking about community
Track Name: Laurel Shuffle
I was born in a strange, strange place
When the doctor slapped my butt
My mama punched his face
In PG County, I was born and bred
I came out of the womb with a price on my head

You don't know where I been
You don't know what I seen
So you can't tell me nuthin'
You don't know where I been
You don't know what I seen
So baby you can just stuff it

This is the only place I've ever known
Where dinosaurs once roamed
And kiddie cons called home
The only sounds that I ever liked
Are a night at the track and a hobo fight

Just call us Lucy, cuz we're straight up Lawless
We don’t give a fuck, that's why we shot George Wallace
Ever seen a body on the railroad tracks?
Well you better jump back, or you might be next jack

If you're from MoCo
Don't come solo
Even if you like Go-Go
Haven’t you heard?
Nah, it's all cool, man
We're all from Maryland
With our manly deeds and womanly words!!

Okay everybody, it's time to do the Laurel Shuffle! It's real easy to do, see, you just shimmy to the front like you're getting in somebody's face, then you shake it to the back like they're getting in your face with a shiv! C'mon...

The Feds are coming so you better get out
Put the money in your panties and walk out of the house
It doesn't matter if yr black brown or white
If you ain’t from Ward 9
Then you ain't on our side
Track Name: Driftin' & Griftin'
Everyone stared when you waltzed in
New in town and they're all whispering
Circling around you like blood in the water
But little do they know they’re about to get slaughtered

Driftin' and griftin'
And hopin' we're missin'
The fact that your stories
All keep on shiftin'

You say you're from Philly, or is it Cleveland?
Is there a city that you haven't lived in?
Your stories don’t add up, don’t know what’s the truth
The second we catch on, catch you flying the coop

Driftin' and griftin'
So tired of your bullshittin'

Now you’re having a baby, next you’ll have a disease
We’re so fed up with your malingering
Is that even your real name, are you puttin’ us on?
Are we just victims in another long con?
Track Name: Tens Across the Board
Boy you know you own everything
These other guys just can’t compete
It’s like you got a crazy hold on me

When I first saw you boy
Thought you were so fine
You rocked my world
I can’t get you off my mind

When I like what I see
I have to have it
Boy you could become
A real bad habit

Boy you leave me wanting more
Got to give you 10s across the board
Don’t like to judge but I like to score
Got to give you 10s across the board

When you walked in the club
Knew you would be mine
Here’s my number baby
You can call me anytime

I really like your style
I like the way you move
You’re slaying the scene
And serving attitude

Miss thing miss thing she thinks she’s fine
But hands off bitch the boy is mine
He gets all 10s and that’s no lie
So find yourself some other guy

These other girls can't handle me
There's just no way they can complete
So step aside, you're history
I just made you obsolete

Track Name: Cute 2 Shoot
You look good, but I look better
Damn we're so fine when we're together
We've got that something not everybody does
And the camera loves us and that's because

We're cute 2 shoot, and we know it
We’re cute 2 shoot, and we own it
We’re cute 2 shoot, we like to show it
Your gaze is ourz, we control it

Oh yeah, when we arrive we light up the room
Come a little closer, don’t be scared of the zoom
We’ll make you think you're on hallucinogenics
Seein’ angels cuz we are just so photogenic

Don’t try to fight it cuz there’s no escaping
The camera loves us cuz we look amazing
Wanna see this body, wanna see this face
I sell the shadow when I’m on display

You can't look away, it's only natural
If looks were weapons, we'd be tactical
You're clocking us hard, every minute, every hour
As long as you're staring, we've got the power
Track Name: Designer Imposters
If you like Coup Sauvage you'll love nothing else
Cuz the rest are really basic and we're up on that top shelf
You better check the charts, we’re #1 on the roster
But sorry to say you're a Designer Imposter

You're not up and coming, you're just down and out
Beggin' for a bump off our mountain of clout
You wanna bite our style, you wanna jump our train
But you're just 50/50, we're a magnum of champagne

Go ahead and try to jock us, you'll get nowhere fast
We Scratched & Sniffed your style - sorry you don't pass
You wanna bite our style, you wanna jump our train
But you can't do what we do, better stay in your own lane

We're Calvin Klein's Obsession, we're Georgio
You wish you were Confess, or even heard of Primo
You came to challenge but we can skip the weigh in
First round KO, do you know what we’re spraying?
Track Name: Pose
I need a release. The face is beat and the hair is fierce. I worked out all week, so you know she's snatched to the gods, and I'm ready to let these kids have it! Listen - folks have worked my last nerve, so I'm ready to take over this club and work it out like the rent is due. Oh yeah...are you ready? And when I'm done, I pose

Get up, stand up, jump around
Now put your booty to the ground
Get up off your ass, now pose
Tell your boss to kiss your ass
You're in control, now shake a glass
Do just what you feel, now pose

Feel the rhythm feel the bass
Leave all of your worries out in space
Let the music hit your soul, now let it go
It's up to you to move those spirits
It's up to you to lose control
Fuck what you heard, now pose

Let your body feel the beat
The 808 will set you free
Makes you hot, dripping wet
We ain't done yet
Dance that pain that pain away
Don't let these others rule your fate
Get down on the flo’, now pose

Now stop, put your stamp on it
Let them have it
The face it beat, the hair is laid
Work it out til the rent gets paid
Set your body free
Just set your body free

So there you have it, these folks shalt not work my last nerve. I'm relaxed, I'm released, I'm looking good and I'm feeling fine. I hope you got yours children, cuz I got mine.
Track Name: Heir to Nothing
Right about now we're gonna take you from the Haus of Sauvage to the Church of Sauvage and we need every head to bow and every tongue to confess. Cuz see children, we've got a message for some of y'all out there. It seems like all across this city, and cities just like it, there are a lot of changes that are happening. Changes that we don't always understand, changes that we don't always feel too good about. It's like whenever we walk up & down the street of DC we barely recognize things anymore. Everywhere we go, it's food truck after food truck, yoga studio after yoga studio, condo after condo with exposed brick this, and reclaimed wood that. It's small plates here, and artisinal farm-to-table lacovore cuisine there. But see children - your small plates will not protect you. Your condo will not protect you. Your yoga studio will not protect you. Y'all don't hear me though. Now here's the thing - it's not that we don't like yoga, it's not that we don't like development, but we got a problem with development that doesn't benefit everybody who was already there. We got a problem with change that we can't afford, church we got a problem with urban pioneers who wanna just traipse into this city and start taking over just cuz they got a fat wallet. Children - we were not born with silver spoons in our mouths, we don't have a rich mommy & daddy to pay our way. We are not the heirs to great fame & fortune, we are the heir to nothing, and we may not have a whole lot, but we've got all the children of the Haus of Sauvage. We may be the heir to nothing, and we may not have a whole lot, but we are haves not have-nots.

Oh no, you don't know me
Because we've never met
But the word around town
Is that you are truly blessed
We all know that Jesus Saves
But your daddy put that shit in an IRA
Now you've got a big trust fund
And you know what that means?
Means you think you're someone!

But I'm the heir to nothing
I may not have a lot
Oh I'm the heir to nothing
But I'm a have not a have-not
Oh I was born with nothing
But we’ve been born again
Still ain't got no silver spoon
But we've got the children

You think that it's your right
You think it's heaven sent
And it's by the grace of god
That you're in the one percent
We all know that Jesus Saves
But your daddy put that shit in an IRA
But my oh my it's more divine
Right down here in the other 99

Ain't got no money & fame
Ain't got no rich daddy's name
I don't have a trust fund, oh no I don't
Barely got enough to even stay afloat

Praise to Jesus and Thanks to God
That I'm in the Haus of Sauvage!